Lafiore by Mareas de Cristal
C. Valldemosa, Km. 11
S´Esgleieta, Mallorca, Spain
CP 07190


Creating for Hotels, Restaurants, Catering & Events

Design with passion

Mareas de Cristal, with the Lafiore brand guarantee, offers you the customization of products for the hotel and restaurant sector, a luxury for your clients because you offer them a unique visual experience.

Our products are

Sustainable · Hand Made · Versatile

Lafiore, with his props for the table, helps you make the whole outfit a spectacle for the eyes and the palate through scenes developed with custom shapes and colors.

We create pieces adapted to your branding

Create new spaces

Glass made with different techniques offers a special shine to spaces and can also be used to create differentiated styles for each client.

Los producciones de cada pieza se diseñan para adecuarse a la imagen la empresa con la calidad del trabajo artesanal que ofrecemos.

El tamaño de cada pieza se adapta a cada necesidad

Integración del vidrio con otros materiales