Lafiore by Mareas de Cristal
C. Valldemosa, Km. 11
S´Esgleieta, Mallorca, Spain
CP 07190

Telluric Table Set

Loop Design Mallorca

At Lafiore we use recycled glass from beverage bottlers, from building demolition windows and from other sources that are selected to create innovative pieces, maintaining the tradition of blown glass.

The treated and melted raw material, with the delicate and precise elaboration of the artisans, is transformed into blown glass objects or into fusing pieces (kiln formed glass). The remainder left over from processing is provided to other companies to be reused as dry material or recycled with a waste manager.

Designers Nico Guevara and Niels Datema explore the possibilities of glass by designing new products and offering another perspective in the elaboration and integration with various materials for decorative garments or for everyday use.


The designs are based on the material and its properties, since, since the composition is random, it requires studying its limits so that the design can be applied to a product. Knowledge of the material and the reuse process allows you to reinterpret the pieces to offer another vision that integrates them in any type of environment or provides other uses for people.

The joint work between the designers, the glass masters and the managers of the organization is essential to continue giving value to a project in continuous evolution and, at the same time, guarantee that the materials are recycled and / or reused in a positive way.

  “It is exciting to see waste that is considered useless turned into something valuable. We like the narrative that this material tells, when materials from a specific site can be reprocessed and made into something new for the local area is particularly interesting.”

Nicolas Guevara

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